Intorduction: Why You Should Have Your Own Home Theater

Watching a movie on the big screen is usually an enjoyable and fun outing. You
can experience all the explosions and heart-stopping excitement like you're really there. The characters seem larger than life. But sometimes, distractions can take away from this experience. you come back to reality and have to deal with the guy kicking your seat, the baby crying and the crook in your neck from straining to see behind the lady with the fancy hat. Yep, you've experienced it. Movie theatermadness. But you're in lick. today's technology allows you to gring the experience you love the most about going to the movies home. Basicaly all you need is a TV a surround sound receiver, speakers, and a VCR or DVD payer.

One of the first, most obviouis benefits of creating a home theater is saving money.
These days, going to the theater is like paying a bill. If you have a typical family of
four, tickets can cost more than $25. That's a loit of money considering you still
want to get food. Trying to feed and hydrate a family of four at the movies can be
expensive. Before it's over, you've spent more than $50 to watch your favorite movie.

Secondly, creating a home theater saves time. If you have a home theater, there's no need to stand in long lines. You just walk to your theater room and hit play. It dosen't get any easier than that. Also, you don't have to work your schedule around the movie theater's schedule. Watch the movie any time you want. It will never be sold out. There's nothing like getting excited about a movie and then ge to the counter and it's sold out, even if it's not sold out, but at capacity, that is not anything to get excited about. Ever been in an overcrowded theater? Not fun. What's worse is that you're jammed in a seat and the stranger sitting next to you refuse to share the armrest. So now you're stuck and can't set your drink in the cup holder.

Furhermore, a home theater is just plain coveinient. Do you have to get money, get dressed, load the car with the kids and check the schedule for showing times if you have a theater at home? Nope. All you have to do is roll out of bed and into the theater room and you're all set.

One of the best benefits of all is pause, stop, and play. You can control the movie. no more waiting to go to the restroom. We've all been there. You've paidover $50 for your family to see a movie and you want to make sure you get ALL your money's worth. So it's either miss part of the movie or holds it. Neither is ideal.

In addition, the food's better at home. You don't have to be concerned with the stale popcorn, dry hot dogs or watered-down soft drinks. You can create your own meal, pop yoiur own popcorn and get the best selection-whatever you want!

Let's just be honest. Odds are your home theater is going to be much cleaner than a public theater. How does the idea of kicking your shoes off, and relaxing, only to be rudely awakened by the fact that your foot's stuck to the floor from someone's spilled soda? Or how about grabbing your soda and trying to take a sip only to realize it;s stuck to the cup holder with something between gum and gummy bears. Just not good.

Also, your home theater can be morer than just a place to view movies. It can be a cool plave to gather with friends. Or incorporate your stereo system and it can be a nice spot to listen to music. in addition, it could be the perfect place for the kids to entertain themselves by watching their videos or playing video games.

The more you think about it, a home theater is a great idea and great investment. If you love watching movies, but hate all the extras, creating a home theater just makes sense.

Learn More about how to create your own home theater inside
Your Own Home Movie Theater

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