1. Choose A Subject
When you choose a subject you love, you
have more chance of getting through the
ruff periods that are common with affiliate
programs and Internet Marketing. Don't go
choosing affiliate programs solely because
of the commission they pay out.

Thousands of affiliates fall for the trap
of selecting an affiliate program which
they have no idea how to sell. Most new
affiliates always seem to choose to promote
Internet Marketing affiliate programs and
instantly become an expert in the field,
yet they've made no money, or very little
money at all online, but they're trying to
teach others now to make money online.

If you have an interest in fishing, start a
small web site up about fishing. The best
advice I can give is to become an expert in
a field you love, and everything else will

2. Promote The Product Not The Program
The only people making money from you
promoting the affiliate program directly,
is the merchant. You can never count on
anyone to make money for you. Sure, it
might sound like a winning deal, "Sign up
1000 people and earn 10% on everything they
sell!" The only problem with this, is these
people have the same idea, and most will
never sell one single thing.

Promoting the product is the best way to
go, why? Because once the people who buy
the product see how good it is, they will
then sign up to promote it. This way you
get the sale and the 2-tier commission.

Even if people don't buy the product, at
least you're trying to get them to join both
options. Unless you're very good at
recruiting people and keeping them
motivated. I would not put all my efforts
into promoting the program.

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